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Dear readers,

Over the last weeks I had an incredible fun time at working on my heart newspaper project Stylepaper, which I had the honor and pleasure to present at the Blickfang Messe in Zurich this weekend. It’s been an intense time as well, so I’ll be off for some more days. Wann see more on my current adventures? Let’s meet on Instagram.

Will be back on Monday the 7th December here on the blog!


With love, I send you all warm greetings from Oman.

Paisley, Off White and Masking Tape

Hi there! Finally November, it’s been time to finish the few hand-made things I wanted to upcycle for ages… But not only.

Here in Switzerland we’re having a wonderful, sunny fall season; If this is the reason why I get to use this paisley pattern… Who knows! The black background matches perfectly with the flower paisley pattern. It reminds me somehow of the old fabrics in my grand ma’s house.

Shop these unique pailey coasters made from upcycled IKEA basic product

So I used it to recover some home decor items, like these glass coasters. They were basic pieces by Ikea, couldn’t help to upcycle it! It think it will look chic on a table embellished with, for example, one linen table cloth.

Find this item and some more in ATELIER 30.

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One Life Journey with Fossil Essentials

Staying focused on true values for an international group like Fossil might be a real challenge, though this definitely seems to work for them. Besides creativity, it’s all about the capacity of turning passion into profession. These are Fossil’s brand commitments that appealed to me, so this is where this blog post starts.

The American brand with roots in Texas has been growing very fast since its creation in 1984. I always tend to associate the ‘authentic’ value to its name, probably because the word comes with the logo stamp…

How to wear Fossil essential in the daily life in autumn season

This is basically my current uniform for the working day. A layering of wool, with long time items like these boots and the bag- let’s start with some of these Fossil essentials. As you’ll see, I’m wearing the men’s working Mercer bag. It’s timeless with its minimalistic lines and functionality. It is not a show off brand, the designs just fits my daily life.

How to wear Fossil essential in the daily life in autumn season Sydney leather wallet, in purple

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Buy less, choose well: Welcome on this DIY blog that features style inspiration surrounded by conscious living. Be creative, reinvent your closet, and enjoy for years! Made in Zürich by Virginie, with love ♥

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It all started with a notebook and a pen: One DIY blog to share love and creativity.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by fabrics and patterns, sewing and sketching… The smaller, the better: Giving new life to material rests, finding upcycling ideas and more generally, doing more with less is one-of-a-kind. From the idea to the design: In 2007 I’ve been among the last ten designers of a shoe design challenge, hosted by the famous shoe brand Bata. After an internship with a jewelry designer in Paris, in 2007, I got to launch a local fashion fair at the Galeries Lafayette, and get my first freelance contract to design a tee-shirt collection, in Berlin. Then the surprise ending: While I was focusing at launching my own clothing and jewelry brand under ‘Virginie Peny’, in 2009, it turned out that I found my way in do-it-yourself. Read more about my vision on the about page.

On this DIY blog you will find many ideas and inspirations to make the most of your garments and accessories. Upcycling combined to conscious shopping for more individuality.

‘Better cross the line and assume the consequences than stare at that line for the rest of the life’. Being creative is about taking risks, isn’t it?

Now aged of thirty, I’m finally living my dream, my passion. Everyday, in Zurich city.