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Sabrina Dehoff Spring Summer 2016 Jewelry Collection

‘Under Influence’ is the name of the new jewelry collection by Sabrina Dehoff. The German designer is established in Berlin since 2010 with her eponymous flagship store. I remember that I stopped by chance at this shop located in the Torstrasse, in Summer 2012. And I felt in love with the bracelets made from cord and stones!

So last month in Berlin I get to visit the shop again — this time not by chance since I met Sabrina there. She told me more about her inspirations and introduced me the collection.

Visit at Sabrina Dehoff Jewelry, Berlin Pre Summer Collection

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Home Inspirations at Homify

Some days — especially during weekends — I wish I could live in a small and cosy shed, somewhere in the middle of nowhere! Enjoying moments of calm, with the surrounding nature… And together with the boy we would renew the interior, made from cool recycled stuffs.

Whether you’re simply looking for home inspiration or willing to present your work as an expert, the international online platform Homify is a gold mine to discover. I like to loose myself there, and this is why.


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DIY Knit Upcycling Using Sleeves

Really wish I would have worked on fake fur projects this winter, however – still no trace of snow here! So hopefully today’s DIY knit idea will make it for most of you… Upcycling tipps with old pullovers are endless. I had to notice that one of my previous purchase has never been worn. On the front, the fabric had some holes. Handmade in Italy, premium merino quality… Still don’t know what happened!!

So basically, only the sleeves were okay. The result of this DIY knit tutorial?

DIY Knit Upcycling Using Sleeves, by Virginie Peny.

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Intro (EN)

Buy less, choose well: Welcome on this DIY blog that features style inspiration surrounded by conscious living. Be creative, reinvent your closet, and enjoy for years! Made in Zürich by Virginie, with love ♥

Virginie Peny is DIY blogger and editor of Stylepaper

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It all started with a notebook and a pen: One DIY blog to share creativity and conscious living.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by fabrics and patterns, sewing and sketching… The smaller, the better: Giving new life to material rests, finding upcycling ideas and more generally, doing more with less is one-of-a-kind. From the idea to the design: In 2007 I’ve been among the last ten designers of a shoe design challenge, hosted by the famous shoe brand Bata. After an internship with a jewelry designer in Paris, in 2007, I got to launch a local fashion fair at the Galeries Lafayette, and get my first freelance contract to design a tee-shirt collection, in Berlin. Then the surprise ending: While I was focusing at launching my own clothing and jewelry brand under ‘Virginie Peny’, in 2009, it turned out that I found my way in DIY (do-it-yourself). Read more about my vision on the about page.

On this DIY blog you will find many ideas and inspirations to make the most of your garments and accessories. Upcycling combined to conscious, timeless shopping for more individuality.

Now aged of thirty, I’m finally living my dream, my passion. Everyday, in Zurich city.