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Workshop In Your Closet, the DIY Video

November 10th, 2010

DIY Couture Session with Nahna November 2010 A sewing cession in Nahna’s closet; 4 easy tutorials to transform your clothes. Watch the video: “If fashion shouldn’t be a question of money, a high know-how level should also not to be a condition to Do It Yourself. And if you have some great ideas, than you […]

München Finds

November 7th, 2010

Just back from Munich! Yes, the second time since last week, and I loved it! There’s so much shops here, that you would need quite a week to go round. Okay, I’m a little bit exaggerating! But the best I’ve shopped is here:

Slovenian Rules

October 24th, 2010

Hi there! Welcome in the East! I’m in Slovenia for a couple of days, in the city of Ljubljana. Brief report; it may be true that it is full of contrasts but it’s also really beautiful. Sometimes it remains me of Berlin, that’s quite strange. I let you discover the city through these pics… and […]