Sunday, Funday: 3 Benefits of a Fashion Brunch

September 16th, 2014

I don’t know how you guys are dealing with SUNDAYS generally. For my part, it’s the day of the week I don’t particularly enjoy. Can’t say I hate it, obviously we all need time to rest, but I often wished I could do something really special on Sunday. Not only having brunch, not only meeting friends.

Until we decided to organize a fashion brunch at home with some friends. That’s what we did last Sunday, and it’s been a real nice experience I would recommend to everyone.

Sunday, funday! Organize a fashion brunch with friends, and get inspired from each others. Read more about the benefits on the blog !

The idea: a group of 2-3 persons invites each two or three contacts. Make sure that they have a similar taste and size, I know it’s not always easy. Otherwise you can organize a shoe & accessory brunch! So beyond the fact that you’re enjoying precious time with friends with cool foods & drinks, the benefits are diverse:


1. It’s obviously an ‘eco-conscious’ process.
By this occasion you’ll clean your closet, give some stuffs you don’t wear anymore and get ‘new’ ones. Make sure that the stuffs are undamaged, and don’t give something you won’t get. It’s as simple than this.

2. You might discover a new way to combine something you actually wanted to exchange, OR/ AND get inspired from each others, discovering fresh styling tips.


3. It brings relationships to a new level. You’ll laugh a lot, believe me. Stuffs are such a strong connexion to people, I’d never though that my Sandro jeans would make me laugh to such a high point . Thanks to Luana, her new ‘dating’ pants looks amazing on her!

Meet new people, share something with them, it’s finally the best plan on a Sunday afternoon!

What comes out from my closet:

A striped cropped pullover by Zara, Sandro red pants (with zips along the legs!), Sonia Rykiel scarf.

And what comes in:

Leather brown cuff, velvet oversized vintage top, Sandro white dress and cognac leather skirt. Can’t wait to wear them for fall, and already wish ‘viel Spass‘ to my friends with my past-beloved items…


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