Mooris Xmas Shop & New Home

November 27th, 2014

This is another story made in Zurich city: I discovered Mooris last year via Ron Orp’s newsletter and since then, the swiss online shop for exclusive product design says hi to my email box every morning. As you’ll find there items for a very limited time and limited quantities, Mooris is telling new stories every day with bits of creativity. Maybe you noticed it, I also share twice a week on the right banner side (scroll down!) my favorite finds from there: Clothing, accessories, design and home interior items. And it couldn’t be a better timing: I’m glad to announce that I’m moving in my own apartment. Finally! This is also the explanation for my previously advent calendar post — the gift for my room mate.

Well, if it will change my life at some point it will also have its influence on this blog. I can’t wait to share with you more home interior finds, inspirations as well as DIY for Home!
Voilà, browsing Mooris and its Xmas Shop finds me well, I hope it does you too:

Mooris_XmasShop_01The diamond light for my beloved lamp, the hood sledge that I would use to stock my books, scandinavian porcelain for the kitchen, a storage for my creative stuffs…


A stunning lamp for the entrance, a petrifying smelting cat candle and the 2015 polaroid calendar — whose pictures could be also very decorative in a frame for the living room.

All these items are in december available on the Mooris Xmas Shop.

I’m loving these finds too, all in white.


Oh, and this is for example today’s story: ‘Aufrüsten und einkochen’. May I also notice that I’m really obsessed with cooking since summer time ?


Have a nice day, and wish me luck for the ‘big’ moving day!

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