Recycling: DIY Kid’s Mittens from a Pullover

December 9th, 2014

Last week I experienced something new after having reorganized my closet. December is not only the perfect time to clean up and to give but also to distance yourself from (old) things you loved, so what about combining these three things together?

That’s what I did with this new recycling post: this winter you’ll find more about the topic pullover recycling with the tab ‘up- and recycling’ but for today, I propose you this tutorial for the DIY Kid’s Mittens from a Pullover!

DIY kid's mittens made from an old pullover. Find more upcycling and style ideas on the blog!

These are made from an old pullover, and I think it’s a really cute gift for a young mum! I love it even more because it’s neither blue nor pink, it’s striped with GREY & BLACK, and it has RED — stylish, right?

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Ready? You need:

– a pullover (whose material shouldn’t be too dick)
– about 30 cm thicker iron-on volume fleece
– knit yarn (wool or cotton) in a bright color for pom poms, about 100 g.
– small packagings cuts, ideally light cardboard (for pom poms)
– sewing needle and a thicker one for the yarn, thread, 2 scissors and a colored (forget the chalk!)
– a sewing machine & an iron

DIY kid's mittens made from an old pullover. Find more upcycling and style ideas on the blog!

Step 1. Cut the pullover sleeves and lay them on the table, we’ll first draw the form. Use the color pen for this!


This is actually the sewing pattern I draw and used for this project. Make it easy, print it and define the right size (enlarge or reduce it!). For me it’s quite hard to say which size it is since I don’t have a child :b

DIY kid's mittens made from an old pullover. Print the pattern!

Step 2. Cut now 4 pieces of your iron-on volume fleece, it makes 2 for each mitten. First stitch the edge of the fabric with zig-zag, it will avoid that the material comes off after the first time wearing them!

Then place the iron-on side on the fabric like on the picture, you should now get a “Sandwich”: iron-on volume fleece + sleeve + iron-on volume fleece.


Step 3. Cut the paper sewing pattern and place it right on the sleeves borders and draw the contours. Stitch along the cuffs, and keep on up:


This is actually how it should look like, once you’ve drawn the contours with pen & needles:


You should make sure that the measurements are fine, and that the fabric of the sleeves exceeds a bit from the ‘sandwich’. Now cut carefully the borders, first the volume flies with fine scissors then the knit fabric. Leave about 5 mm hem.
Turn now the mitten upside down.


Step 4. Iron the volume flies with a damp linen, und it’s goes on with the second mitten.


Step 5. It’s pom poms time! So easy, but you’ll find on Google loads of tutorials if you need any help.


Now tie 2 more yarns on the pom pom, about 30 cm — like here on the picture:


Fix the first one by hand in the middle, in front of the mitten, then use the rest of the yarns and the thick needle to stitch on both sides, on the right and on the left to the middle in the back.


Now tie the yarns, it’s not only cute but also practical — hopefully they won’t get lost… It’s finished!

Does your boyfriend feel jealous already?! Well, it works for adults too. The pullover simply has to have bigger sleeves. PS. Don’t throw the pullover’s rest away, I’ll show you next what you can do with it! 

DIY kid's mittens made from an old pullover. Find more upcycling and style ideas on the blog!

How do you liked it?

Have a great day, à bientôt*

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