Pantone Colors: Life in Marsala Color

January 31st, 2015

This post has been actually on my ‘e-desk’ for a while, I wish I could have written it earlier! Since December 2014 Marsala is not only a wine’s name coming from Sicily but also this year’s trend. This special tone is the latest of the Pantone colors selected by the trend forecaster itself.

After the deceptive ‘Radiant Orchid’, I couldn’t be happier: this specific red is one of my favorite tone and present in my closet for years already…


These items are timeless to me! I’ve found the suitcase on a flea market, I really like it.

Suitcase, vintage. Acne boots from 2012. Vogue & The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute book. You can order it on

Better knowing it now: as a special nuance Marsala doesn’t fit with all tones. It seems that the ‘no-colors’ combos are the best. Victoria Beckham paired it for example in her Spring Summer collection with beige, white and black. It looked great!

So how to pair & wear Marsala color, here some suggestions.

1. With powder pink and light grey. A no-risky choice that works most of the time.


2. With navy blue and medium grey. A kind of new classic!


3. With metallic silver and camel. Half trendy, half classic, why not?


What about you, what is your favorite? Any ideas about it are welcome! On the next post: my current favorite outfit with Marsala color -featuring my Acne boots!

Have a nice day!

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