Sezane x La Redoute/ Camel Sandals

February 26th, 2015

The new collections are finally coming, yes!- or at least I’m just starting to see them in the stores… Anyways when it’s not in stores, it’s online! You might already have heard about the very french new brand by Morgane Sézalory, ‘Sézane‘. The collections, actually only available on the web, represent the perfect dressing from the basics (essentials that are permanent in stock) to some seasonal highlights. I loved the grey tee (see in my shop) so it’s just the beginning.

For the coming Spring-Summer season Sézane did a collaboration with La Redoute and, well… here are the sandals.

Sezane_Sandals_SS15From the new collection, Sézane x La Redoute > Choose your normal size, it fits well!

I love the color combo, camel-royal blue-black. Always great with denim, and I’m sure it would be fine with warm tones too. It’s obviously not the right moment to wear them… But with fine socks, hopefully it’ll work soon! I bought those handmade socks last time in Paris and took two colors because I couldn’t decide my self. One pair in blue, the other in orange color. Amazing print and material, from the japanese brand Tabio.

The kind of stuffs that fits with simplicity, in black and white. The pants are really comfortable, it’s a timeless basic!


Turtle neck pullover, via Zara.
Stefanel pants, have them for years!

Which one is your favorite item from the Sézane for La Redoute collection? Have a great day, take care!

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