Trendspotting: Mini Tattoos

March 11th, 2015

As the international tattoo convention (also called ‘Mondial du Tatouage‘) took place last week in Paris, I figured out it’s a great occasion to talk about the topic with a small ‘trendspotting’ article. At the age of 17 I was seriously thinking about having a tattoo or a piercing, and I finally decided myself for black ink. It’s placed in my back so basically, nobody sees it -and I don’t see it as well at the point that I really get to forgot I have one!

Now, more than ten years later, I guess I’d really be keen of having a new tattoo. But this time a very discrete one. Ideally, a mini tattoo. The one you don’t see right away, that would rather suggests than shows. A simple character or anything in that spirit.

Trendspotting: Mini tattoos are my favorite! Read more on the blog. Scissors via The Merchant & Co

If artistic and gigantic tattoos enhance recognition and respect for the profession, I see mini tattoos as a sign of respect as well and to me, the best way for a timeless approach.

‘Less is more’; it needs actually loads of consideration for yourself to limit the area and the symbol of your tattoo. I found those few inspirations on Pinterest, mostly on the hands. Nature symbols like leaves and moon are always cute, I’m wondering if gems belong to this category… Let’s say it’s a kind of ‘sophisticated nature’.

Trendspotting: Mini tattoos are my favorite! Read more on the blog.

Have to guess about it. Maybe a word like my friend Andrea choose would be a great thing. What about you, would you go for mini tattoos?

Have a good day, xx

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