Flea Market Trouvailles: Folklore & Tradition

April 3rd, 2015

If spring time itself might have a bit delay, the flea market season is finally open -and I couldn’t be happier, the winter period has been long enough! Is there a better start in the weekend than rambling on one market with a french croissant in the hand?

In Zürich there are several places that are worth to visit, you will find for example a nice listing here on annabelle in german language. For my part you might see me at Helvetia Platz, somehow chaotic but with some flair and patience, very interesting.

May I show you what I recently get over there?


This small doily was hidden under many fabrics and pillows, finding it was a pure coincidence! I immediately loved the hand embroidered work even before the woman told me it’s actually coming from Hungary. If I had to choose one word to describe it, I would say ‘folk’!

It’s in very good condition and I laid it near of my work space, where all my sewing stuffs are. I’m now looking for a small lamp to enlighten the narrow corner, so I thought maybe this would be fit with it: modern and minimalistic.


Finally the swiss tradition didn’t fail: One Sprüngli chocolate box that looks vintage but surely not is, and some small boards that remind old postcards.

Really have no clue about how old it is, anyways: They have found a nice place in the kitchen, in a small place called ‘the wall of fame’. I know it sounds pretentious, but it’s just a considered way to call that nice area where I collect cards and souvenirs from all places & people that are worth to me.


Be sure there will be other posts like this one coming next ; ) Wish you a great Easter weekend, take care xx

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