News of the Week: Bon Voyage with Zalando !

April 25th, 2015

Is that a sign? I’m actually hiring to Berlin tonight, and I’m quite excited because it’s about a new project in collaboration with a huge online platform. So before I left my apartment I thought I should check my letterbox. What I’ve found inside: the new spring summer magazin by Zalando, featuring my full picture on one page -see it here on my Instagram.

It might be a happy coincidence, anyways: There’s a new blogger collaboration up. I can’t tell you more for the moment, so stay tuned!! Now my suit cases are ready, and I think #IMREADY as well.


And as an explanation to this crazy week -that rather means ‘quiet time’ here on the blog: This is a preview of the DIY product I created with the jewelry designer Savannah Chic. ‘Bon Voyage’: The product story has been to Kenya, where the details have been handmade produced. It’s been a very interesting collaboration, I loved to work with her!

If you’re in Zürich, you can visit her at the Fashion Hotel (3rd floor, room 53) this weekend to see it… It will be available online the coming week, so be sure to see much more of it!


Wish you a great weekend!

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