French Home Decor Style: 5 Cheap and Easy Ideas

May 15th, 2015
French Home Decor Style: 5 Cheap and Easy Ideas

Speaking of the ‘French style’ in home decoration might be a kind of tough, because a lot of people automatically associate it with the ‘Parisian’ flair. However, I would like to stress that in terms of decoration there is more to France than Paris. In the south of France, for example, people have a completely different vision on home decor than in the north. But well, for today, let’s talk about it more generally!

As I moved to my new apartment in the beginning of the year, it seems that I unintentionally added some ‘French style’ to my place. Like having fresh roses on my office desk, to start with.

Add some french style to your home place with these 'Top 5' ideas

This is at least what I noticed from this book, ‘Urban Vintage’ available at written by Ida Magntorn (in german language) and published in 2014. She provides styling tips for home decoration inspired by her friends’ places in five metropoles like London, Copenhagen, Los Angeles… And Paris of course.

I really like the way she describes the French style: a bit decadent, poetic, sometimes opulent. Kind of mysterious and nostalgic. Associating rock and elegant details with pastel tones. I couldn’t more agree, this is it. And she also adds many addresses for interesting flea markets and more exquisite places like ‘brocantes’. Already have my check list for the next time.

Creative home decoration and flea market ideas will add an individual touch to your home

So what main ideas are easier and cheaper to integrate at your place, even if you don’t live in an apartment with 2,5 meter high windows and a gardening balcony? Here are some ideas that I used for own place.

1. Collect handmade lace doilies in different pastel colors, and layer them on a small table for example. OR: If you need one-of-a-kind paper table cloth, you can make it yourself by following this previous DIY – hanging on the kitchen wall might also work : )

2. Glass covers are very useful to present rare – or on the contrary, very common items. It gives this high qualitative dimension to it, and also makes it a bit mysterious.

Add some french style to your home place with these 'Top 5' ideas

3. We French love it: convert our clothes and accessories into real decoration items. Close to an ‘open closet’ that you also might have, you’ll probably like hanging balett shoes and straw hats – as ‘souvenirs’.

Add some french style to your home place with these 'Top 5' ideas

4. Use your storage items differently: This brocken solar jar now contains all of my button supplies. It’s on the top of a (very) small part of my magazine collection. As a next topic I could also write about ‘How to make shelves with a pile of magazines’.

5. As a fervent French style lover you absolutely need golden frames! But it shouldn’t look that ‘yellow gold’, prefer old brass and marbled paint effects.

Add some french style to your home place with these 'Top 5' ideas

Voilà, as I told you the ‘Urban Vintage’ book gives you many more creative inputs and ideas from fascinating big cities around the world… Strongly recommend it! In case you’d be interested in ordering new books, you can get 25% off until the 31.05.15 with the promotion code Lesefrosch15 on the website.

Hope you liked it -do you also have decoration tips for the french style?

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