Transform Basic Shorts into Chic DIY Bermuda Shorts

May 27th, 2015
How to transform basic shorts into chic bermuda shorts

It is basically a fact that won’t interest everyone: This season bermuda shorts are really trendy. I must say, even if I don’t run after trends, I’m also not a fan of this item. It cuts the body shape and it’s not easy to combine with, don’t you find?

Second fact it :the middle high provided by bermuda shorts simply doesn’t fit me. Have to be honest. ‘Either shorts or culottes shorts, but pleaaaaase no bermuda shorts!’. So if you’re feeling the same and that you’re a free open minded person, devoted to DIY adventures, like me, you might find the idea of transforming your shorts into ‘fake’ bermudas quite cool. Hope so.

How to transform basic shorts into chic bermuda shorts Shorts: American Vintage AW14

Because it’s all about optical illusion: We’ll only extend the shorts length! to soften the body shape’s lines and the bermuda’s new length.

This is today’s DIY project, here is what you’ll need :

-a pair of basic shorts in a soft material -or even better, for summer something like this overall, the fabric is perfect for this! + the necessary length of fine lace.
-thread, needles, scissors.

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Time: about 30 minutes
Budget for the lace: less than 30 euros

Bermuda shorts DIY with lace_01

Step 1. Lay the shorts on a table and define the necessary length of lace you’ll need for both legs -let one more centimeter for the sew on each side- and cut.

Bermuda shorts DIY with lace_02

Step 2.  Fix the lace inside and along the hem with needles.

Bermuda shorts DIY with lace_03

Step 3. Hand sew this way with small stitches, all along the hem:

Bermuda shorts DIY with lace_04

Step 4. When you arrive at the end of the hem, turn 90° by joining the two lace borders. Make some regular stitches to fix the vertical hem on the lace. Now do the finishings, and process the same way on the other side of the shorts.

Bermuda shorts DIY with lace_05

It’s already done -and this really made me up with this ‘bermuda’ story.

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