DIY Patchwork: Tutorial for a Summer Pareo

July 15th, 2015

The obsession with small scarves turned out to be quite excessive, at one point that I noticed that I had MUCH more scarves than the number of weekdays to wear them. It was obviously more a fascination for prints and colors on such a small square of fabric – I indeed never really felt inspired about the way I should wear it!

As you see, it was time for a new beginning. And I don’t regret it: my new patchwork item is simply ideal for the summer, in the city or on the beach badi!… All you need is 9 to 12 small scarves that fit a nice tone harmony.


Once you have the whole scarves ready, you’ll need:

– a sewing machine,
– thread, scissors, needles
– crochet hook and embroidery thread for, eventually, mini tassels and crochet embellishings.


Step 1. Start to define the succession of the scarves, from the top to the bottom. Lay them for example on the floor, it’s really handy since you’ll need some clearance around you. Try to alternate uni colors and patterned fabrics. Chances are that that the different sizes won’t fit exactly to the final ‘puzzle’, so you’ll probably have to cut before the end!


Step 2. From the left to the right on the top, and then to the bottom: Sew one scarf’s borders to the other one with the sewing machine.


It shouldn’t be perfect actually, but make sure that the stitches are all made one the same reverse side. You can also sew side by side, like here below with the orange scarf:


Step 3. Time for finishings and embellishments: crochet, tassels, small embroideries… Do what you like, it’s optional. Here an example to mask an obvious sewing with crochet:


I simply hand sewed the length directly on the scarf, and did a hock at the end to hang the XXL scarf.


Finally, don’t hesitate to add some tassels on each corner. I realized a DIY video some time ago to show you how easy it is, to create mini tassels in two minutes… Only using a fork!


I hope you liked it! The idea will probably look fantastic as well with cotton squared scarves, means a bit thicker for fall winter season. Go for it guys!


Have a good day, à bientôt xx

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