Xmas Wish List: Carnet de Voyage

December 16th, 2015
Lelefantino handmade ceramic, Zurich

Believe me, flying back from a sunny destination in December has been much tougher than I expected. More because of the routine than the jet lag, I simply needed time to come back, in the mindful way. Assimilate what I lived, what I saw. It was my first time in arabic countries, we’ve been to Emirates and Oman. It was fascinating to see how multicultural, these places are, halfway between tradition and modernity.

For this reason I decided to postpone the blog post I planed last week (about Christmas decor) for this more ‘special’ one. One xmas wish list of beautiful things with exotic notes, that suit to winter holidays under the sun and to festive times — combined with some traveling pictures…

Christmas Wishlist inspired from holiday time in Oman. by Virginie Peny

Most of these items are handmade or at least created in small quantities. Remember of Bourgine, the small upcoming parisian brand I told you about here? Really enjoyed to wear this striped top already quite a lot.

I actually did this selection before leaving for Oman, so it’s funny that the textures and colors harmony fit so well with these landscape impressions… In the South of Emirates, mountains largely prevail.

Oman landscapes, travel inspiration

Printed scarf with hooked details, by IKOU TSCHÜSS Zurich

Look at these colors! In love in this printed scarf by IKOU TSCHÜSS (Zurich), with handmade crochet details. I live quite closed to their shop, hard not to stop by in the late night, to look their wonderful, individual products. You’ll find more scarves and accessories in their online shop.

Lelefantino handmade ceramic, Zurich

If you happen to be in Zurich indeed, you might enjoy the small shop shared by Ikou Tschüss and L’elefantino in Kreis 4. You’ll find there this beautiful ceramic plate with diverse lips colors… As well as this elephant Christmas tree decoration, handmade in Germany:

Lelefantino handmade christmas decor, Zurich

Eyeshadows by MAC, in purple and orange. I wear them separately and always with taupe color. It’s part of my daily make up!

In Oman, somewhere in the desert. I get dressed local, with a leather mask women wear to avoid sand and dust. It was a beautiful moment.

Oman landscapes, travel inspiration

Next to the dark tea soap (in Zurich at Making Things Women), here is a new bracelet I made recently. Also with recycled and old elements, that remind the Indian influences in Oman.

Handmade bracelet by Virginie Peny via ATELIER 30

Handmade bracelet, soon available at ATELIER 30
Feeling grateful for this great time we had, and in order to collect all memories, sketches and souvenirs, nothing is better than the MERCI note book.

Note book via MERCI Paris

Also time to say ‘MERCI’ to you all, for your visits, for your support; As I said recently on Instagram, December is celebration month. It will start with the blog’s anniversary and its giveaway — right after Christmas time. For now, let me tell you ‘à bientôt’.

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