3 Benefits Behind the Magic of Tidying Up

March 1st, 2017

I’m always careful when it comes to giving “life-changing” advice. Magazines and websites such as Pinterest are blooming with articles and reviews about do’s and don’ts to create your “perfect” office or living space. The thing is, most of these readings often fail to get to the point. It’s actually easy to see: small spaces rarely stay clean, especially when you have too many items to display. Enough said! There’s only ONE author I trust: the Japanese Marie Kondo.

I was a bit skeptical at first. Let’s be honest: the topic has been of interest to me for a while, as I have indeed moved to different places over the last years with more and more items. Clothing, furniture, houseware, office tools… and it goes on. The second I went through my stuff and sorted it out a bit, the mess always seemed to be back a few days later. It didn’t matter how I proceeded. The end result was always the same. That was until I came across the book. Only then did my life really start to change.

How? By following the book’s recommendations. I just know the concept sounds ridiculous, BUT well. It’s a kind of art. I first envisioned my ideal place to live in, then selected what I wanted to keep to achieve my goal, and finally gave the rest away. By doing so, I reduced my belongings by 60%. It might seem like a lot, but I never regretted it. That was before I started my own online store… By the way, you can regularly find cool items that come directly from my closet on my website!

Here are the 3 benefits that had a direct impact on my life.

'The Magic of Tyding' by Marie Kondo

‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo

1. Setting up a happier environment that will lead to a better life.

I’m a firm believer in all forms of energy. Some items give me good vibes while others remind me of darker chapters in my life. Maybe you have experienced it yourself. So why keep them?

More living space opens the window to new experiences. You find yourself inviting more people over, which is much more inspirational than objects. But that’s not all: my relationships also started getting better. I took advantage of the situation and got rid of the all the negative energy in my life, including a few people. I can really say that my life turned around from that moment.



2. One takes more care of their favorite items

If you go through your personal items and sort them out, you actually end up keeping those that bring you joy. These are usually your absolute favorite things, and these are the ones you take most care of. And this makes me happy, because it makes them last. Remember the “benefits of slow fashion”? It is quite close to what I am refering to in this post.

3. One focuses more on life’s essentials

Saying that clearing your living space is the same as clearing your mind is not an exaggeration. By avoiding looking for a specific piece of paper or item, I focus more on my private, emotional, spiritual, and work life.

But this book did not only shape my personal life, it also influenced my way of working, and the way I help some of my clients. Clearing things up and tidying is a mindset. It doesn’t matter if I’m acting as a consultant for window display, online support or managing — you’ll find more about my retail consulting company here.

The book is a huge source of inspiration… I am so thankful for that!

It’s never too late to start. Treat yourself with the shine you deserve. You might be surprised!

See you, V

English text by Veronique Tremblay

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