Virginie Peny is editor of the eponymous DIY blog about style and conscious living

Photo: Pauline Darley

Inspiring, experiencing, creating. Virginie Peny is my online platform for DIY projects and style inspirations on a daily basis — surrounded by conscious living aspirations. Read more about the story!

I grew up in the middle of France. This area is marked by nature, with generous landscapes, dyed minerals and genuine textures. Probably one reason why I’ve been constantly inspired by shapes, colors and fabrics.
This made me discover DIY fashion techniques at an early age. I believe starting a DIY project using many new or expensive materials is not the optimal way. And I believe that a full closet is definitely not sustainable.

What literally drives me ? Giving new life to material rests, finding upcycling ideas and more generally, doing more with less. I tend to promote creativity and know how for a better consumption — and therefore, a better living. Quality, not quantity.

For me, DIY fashion is not a trend any more. My style is made of a very limited selection of old, new, vintage and handmade things. This is to me conscious fashion.

Since 2008 I’ve worked and teamed up with many brands, companies and magazines. I currently work in Zurich city as consultant for shops and brands. You will find out more about my previous projects in this categorie, ‘Work’. After a significant blog makeover in March 2016, I’m thrilled to welcome you to my new web home.

Thanks for reading and enjoy browsing!

‘Buy less, choose well -and DIY’.

ps. Please note that English is not my mother tongue!