April First, Some Inspirations

April 11th, 2011

Green, drink, inspiration, shopping… Some pics of my weekend, #2!

There’s no energizing month than April, it’s just great!

Going for a walk in the park, under the sun with my new glasses/ Marc by Marc Jacobs. Completely 70’s.

Marc by Marc Jacobs-Sunglasses/Virginie Peny

My weekend in pics/Virginie Peny

My weekend in pics/Virginie Peny

My weekend in pics/Virginie Peny

Taking a fresh fruit’ cocktail in the evening at “Das Schindler” and enjoying the long lasting days…

My weekend in pics-Das Schindler/Virginie Peny

My weekend in pics/Virginie Peny

My friend Charlotte from the blog La Recessionista really has an eye for fashion street styles. But well, hard not to notice this super original jacket in the street.
I’ve had a crush for this look, how cool is that?

look-blazer-jean/La Recessionista- Virginie Peny

Matched with flare jeans, it looks surely casual, but it gives also modernity to the whole outfit. I really love it! Inspiring inspiring…

look-blazer-jean/La Recessionista- Virginie Peny

And, last but not least, the perfect tee to begin the week/ Found at Bershka!

My weekend in pics- Virginie Peny

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  1. Hi Virginie! How are you? I love your sketches that accompany the photos! Plus your Marc Jacobs shades are amazing! I’m crazy about Charlotte’s jacket and bag! xoxoxoxo

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