ATELIER 30, my online shop for second hand and DIY

September 17th, 2015
Shop unique and designer second hand pieces in ATELIER 30

It’s something that I’ve been working on a lot over the last weeks, besides Stylepaper. As I was telling you last time in that post, I had the need to get more simplicity around me. Back to the roots, first with food. Then I got to clean my home, next to my closet. Not that I should feel guilty about owning so much stuffs, but I think it’s time to make more place in my life.

That’s why I had to create a intimate platform that I called ATELIER 30. My first own online shop that features some of my second hand items and DIY products.

Shop unique and designer second hand pieces in ATELIER 30

Adieu eBay, Dawanda and co. Here a small preview of some of the articles currently featured: bag by Alexander Wang, jacket from Swiss designer Berenik, Coccinelle leather cuff, DIY cushion made for annabelle… Stay tuned and come regularly by, there will be new comers quite soon.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask, either for product details or shipping to your country outside of Europe.

But it’s not all. I hope you know that running a blog isn’t that always glamorous, and that bloggers also feel concerned about social issues. Even if it’s not the purpose on this place, I do care, so I will donate 10% of the sales to one humanitarian organisation; we all know about Syria, even the smallest donations are welcome.

So have a look to the shop, get inspired, or just book one place at the next DIY workshop for your friend in Zürich. It’s all fine.

See you there, click on the picture to get redirected:

A glimpse into ATELIER 30, launched September 17th 2015

Thanks to the Smoolis team for their help! A bientôt, xx

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