Beauty Essentials in der Badi

July 23rd, 2014

Not that I spent so much time in der Badi until now, but it remains to be an important matter. What are those beauty essentials to take with for a great, relaxing time over there?

Beauty essentials for summer time, on the beach or at the 'badi'. One cotton towel is a good start.

There’s no key answer I guess. Besides the relevant sun cream and sunnies, a full make-up bag might not be necessary. I’m always afraid to see so many women wearing loads of make up in this context. Why wearing the same than in the ordinary life, when you are basically there to enjoy some sun and water?

So here are my personal must have products: one cotton ‘Hamam-Tuch’ (which turns to be a classic in Zurich), the sun-powder by Bobbi Brown and an exotic perfume for after Badi. That’s all. Oh, and a great reading of course!

Enjoy the sunny days, much love xx

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