Cape & Knitted Collar

February 24th, 2012

As i noticed to you here i began to knit a thick collar this week. I used intentionally large knitting needles not only because the result is lazier than a normal knit, but also because i wanted to get it quickly!

So we’re friday, and i’ve just finished it. : )

The color is between yellow/ lime green, that’s a very luminous tone & easy to pair with, but the material is so thick that it doesn’t suit with other knits. So i’ve chosen a fine sweater and my vintage “cape” coat instead.




Wearing a Kookaï wool coat, self-made collar and necklace, H&M light pink sweater and Zara shorts.

Galeries Lafayette belt

Wolford tights

United Nude pumps

Chanel lipstick orange, “Exotic”


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