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Reload it: Louis Féraud Vintage Jacket, Sleeveless

Reload it: Louis Féraud Vintage Jacket, Sleeveless

Almost ‘new’ in my closet: this vintage Louis Féraud jacket, already seen here in 2011!- now in a sleeveless version. As I found it on a flea market in Austria, I immediately liked the bright royal blue color and the cut -even if the size was actually much too big for me. Well, I don’t mind: Now I have huge, fancy golden buttons that would be perfect for a home decor (see at the end of the post) and a great jacket that fits me. I simply readjusted the shoulders size and replaced the genuine button on the front.

How to mix royal blue? For winter I prefer the blue shading off with hints of black.


Sleeveless jackets are for me the best way to warm up your style, even in winter season. You can layer it with other pieces like cardigans or coats, it creates an interesting outfit with great lines.

Oh, and it seems that I didn’t told you about those ‘culotte shorts’. I like to say it’s a hybrid piece: not skirt, nor shorts… Anyways it’s been a great bargain, I get it by Sandro at the very last days of sales -70% off. Nobody seemed to be fascinated with it, I did. Read here in german language on annabelle FD some tips from me about fall winter closet organization.




DIY Louis Féraud vintage jacket, Sandro FW13 culotte shorts, Michael Kors bag, Silvano Sassetti boots.
Leather brown cuff, Maison Boinet.

LFeraud_Sleeveless_Reload_05 Franchement, vous ne leur trouvez pas un petit air de Versace?..

Zurich Fashion Days finally start today, I’ll be attending my favorite brands -and will tell you more about it next time. See you!

DIY/ The Navy Red 2 in 1 Shirt

DIY/ The Navy Red 2 in 1 Shirt

This might be one of my favorite sewing session: How to turn two pieces in one? There’s actually a similar topic here, however I find it’s a very different one. I was looking for an unexpected mix of materials and colors, that would fit for both spring and autumn season. It’s been completely spontaneous, I worked on it on the evenings last month -that’s why I didn’t take pictures of the process. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about it! As the sun were shinning last weekend by a reasonable +18°C, I couldn’t resist to wear it with a great pair of jeans. May I show you?


For this DIY I wanted a two-tones piece and its made from a basic men shirt and a Zara lace top (remember of this post last year!). So I decided to keep the flowered top and the bottom of the navy shirt. I finally replaced the two pocket buttons, and that’s all!





I really can’t wait to show you very cool DIY video projects for winter -stay tuned, and enjoy your day!

DIY top from a vintage shirt and Zara flowered top/ IRO jeans/ Zara pumps

DIY Upcycling/ Americana Cushion

DIY Upcycling/ Americana Cushion

Do you ever happen to buy a (strange) stuff only because its material was appealing to you? Of course I did. No later than last month. I get this huge men shirt on the flea market. I knew that I’d never wear it, and to me it was clear that a new home decor item would come soon. Actually I already made a similar experience here, but it’s been a while.

So it is now a pillow case, and it looks much better than on myself… I liked the mix of colors and the rough material effect.


Auf annabelle Fashion Daily weiterlesen

What you’ll need:

-a XXL men shirt,
-tick thread and needles,
-tape measure,
-a sewing machine,
-cotton thread in 2 colors (for the pom poms)

read more…

DIY/ 2 in 1 Skirt #annabelleSwap

DIY/ 2 in 1 Skirt #annabelleSwap

Voilà! This is the last DIY project for the annabelle Swap, where I picked spontaneously three pieces to transform them > Remember this post! I realized a two-material skirt from the striped dress and the white scaled skirt. Can’t wait to wear it!


How it now looks like? Find the full tutorial in german language here on annabelle blog!

Outfit/ Cotton Waves #annabelleSwap

Outfit/ Cotton Waves #annabelleSwap

The polo shirt has been finished this week! The large basic top let place to a chic but sportive shirt; You’ll find the whole tutorial in german language, as usual, on annabelle blog.

I reused the sleeves borders for the ruffles on the front, and kept the oversized shape on the armholes. Really like it -So it’s time to wear it! It was yesterday in Seefeld, I paired it with straight fit pants and velvet small bag. Yellow and navy blue look always great together.



PoloShirt_annabelle_03 Ph/ Stefania Bacskay

Polo Shirt, DIY for annabelle Swap
Pants and bag, Mango
Shoes, Stuart Weitzman
Armband Hasenfrisch
Finest ring, Charlotte Wooning. Other is private.

#annabelle Swap: DIY Preview

#annabelle Swap: DIY Preview

And here are the 3 pieces I chose last Saturday during the annabelle Swap event: A sportive polo shirt, a striped shirt dress and a funny scale skirt. See later this week how the first piece turned out!.. #poloshirt xx


Upcycling/ Party Dress

Upcycling/ Party Dress

From the party dress to the disco ball!- This is the result of an upcycling I made some months ago. I kept the upper part of the dress to wear it as a top, and reuse the material rests for a new skirt. So excited to wear it tonight…

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DIY Ethno Inspo

DIY Ethno Inspo

This is a custom made top I realized about 5 years ago… And it looks as young as ever! I love ikaat prints like this one, but the tee-shirt was quite basic. Add long fringes and rivets on the shoulders, and here you go.


You will find my current favorite DIY ideas on annabelle blog! Have a great day ; )