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DIY Knit Upcycling Using Sleeves

DIY Knit Upcycling Using Sleeves

Really wish I would have worked on fake fur projects this winter, however – still no trace of snow here! So hopefully today’s DIY knit idea will make it for most of you… Upcycling tipps with old pullovers are endless. I had to notice that one of my previous purchase has never been worn. On the front, the fabric had some holes. Handmade in Italy, premium merino quality… Still don’t know what happened!!

So basically, only the sleeves were okay. The result of this DIY knit tutorial?

DIY Knit Upcycling Using Sleeves, by Virginie Peny.

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Half Tee, Half Knit: DIY Pullover with We Are Knitters

Half Tee, Half Knit: DIY Pullover with We Are Knitters

If you are a knit lover, then this post is for you! It begins with an interesting dilemma indeed. Whether we like more pullovers for their comfy feeling or rather for style: did you actually noticed how unpractical chunky garments in winter are? Under coats, pullovers are too hot and tees just too thin. A constant coming in and outside doesn’t help this equation, for sure.

That’s how this project of a DIY pullover came to me. Half tee shirt, half pullover.

Half tee, half pullover: Knitting DIY project with We Are Knitters by Virginie Peny

Really like to wear off white during fall winter, that’s why I wanted to experience this DIY in this color. Of course all possible colors fit, anyways I would rather go for a unicolor item instead of mixing tones. Have to mention that the most difficult part is to find a top in the same color than the wool!

Once you have the right jersey top, means one dick tee shirt, all you need is great wool. I got to know the french brand We Are Knitters some months ago, really like their qualities and colors. Make a try, and if you want to win a DIY kit, go now let a comment on the article here on annabelle’s blog.


Choose right! About the quantity: One ball might be enough for a collar and two sleeves ends.


I did a small video for beginners that shows the first steps. Wish you a nice start!


DIY/ Special Swimwear: The Straped Bikini

DIY/ Special Swimwear: The Straped Bikini

It’s been a while since I’ve been looking for a nice swimsuit, basically nothing extraordinary -just not a common one. Of course I had a crush for that one by Zimmermann, but a two-pieces bikini was still missing in my closet.

Came recently at H&M, and I found it. Well, almost. It was on sale, the very last two pieces. Top’s size: 36. Bottom’s size: 42.
Let’s try something!

How to add stripes on your basic swimwear: Try this easy and esthetic DIY trick that embellishes  and reshape your bikini.  By Virginie Peny

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This is the way I had the idea of adding some straps on the bottom’s size, in order to readjust it at my size, but not only. It also gives that twist. The best thing is, this DIY works on too big, but also on too small items. Or just on fitted items that you simply want to embellish.

You can try it on bikini tops as well, horizontally on one side – or vertically for top’s straps. In any case, I guess you should definitely try that one.

So here is the bikini before, in a nice marsala color.

How to add stripes on your basic swimwear: Try this easy and esthetic DIY trick that embellishes  and reshape your bikini.  By Virginie Peny

And later when I started to change it. I only needed one metallic ribbon that I cut in 6 smaller parts.

How to add stripes on your basic swimwear: Try this easy and esthetic DIY trick that embellishes  and reshape your bikini. By Virginie Peny

This time I set up a small video that shows a simple way to DIY it.

I hope you liked it! Tell me now, will you also let that straped story come in your closet?

DIY/ Transform Basic Shorts into Chic Bermuda Shorts

DIY/ Transform Basic Shorts into Chic Bermuda Shorts

It is basically a fact that won’t interest everyone: This season bermuda shorts are really trendy. I must say, even if I don’t run after trends, I’m also not a fan of this item. It cuts the body shape and it’s not easy to combine with, don’t you find?

Second fact it :the middle high provided by bermuda shorts simply doesn’t fit me. Have to be honest. ‘Either shorts or culottes shorts, but pleaaaaase no bermuda shorts!’. So if you’re feeling the same and that you’re a free open minded person, devoted to DIY adventures, like me, you might find the idea of transforming your shorts into ‘fake’ bermudas quite cool. Hope so.

How to transform basic shorts into chic bermuda shorts Shorts: American Vintage AW14

Because it’s all about optical illusion: We’ll only extend the shorts length! to soften the body shape’s lines and the bermuda’s new length.

This is today’s DIY project, here is what you’ll need :

-a pair of basic shorts in a soft material -or even better, for summer something like this overall, the fabric is perfect for this! + the necessary length of fine lace.
-thread, needles, scissors.

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Time: about 30 minutes
Budget for the lace: less than 30 euros

Bermuda shorts DIY with lace_01

Step 1. Lay the shorts on a table and define the necessary length of lace you’ll need for both legs -let one more centimeter for the sew on each side- and cut.

Bermuda shorts DIY with lace_02

Step 2.  Fix the lace inside and along the hem with needles.

Bermuda shorts DIY with lace_03

Step 3. Hand sew this way with small stitches, all along the hem:

Bermuda shorts DIY with lace_04

Step 4. When you arrive at the end of the hem, turn 90° by joining the two lace borders. Make some regular stitches to fix the vertical hem on the lace. Now do the finishings, and process the same way on the other side of the shorts.

Bermuda shorts DIY with lace_05

It’s already done -and this really made me up with this ‘bermuda’ story.

DIY/ Sommer Jacket from a XXL Tunic

DIY/ Sommer Jacket from a XXL Tunic

Hi there! Freshly landed in my mail box yesterday: the new annabelle magazine, featuring an article about my DIY work for the Fashion Daily blog. In case you’ve got it at home, it’s on the ‘Mode News’ column – page 104!

This time I showed how to transform an XXL tunic in a light sommer jacket… For a tiny budget and in a very few time, this is today’s DIY project!

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Before and after: This huge tunic was the perfect item last summer for my holidays in Ibiza, for a lazy day on the beach and to go to the market. However this year I wanted it to be different, like a very light ‘under piece’ to wear in the city. Something quite versatile and uncomplicated that would fit with jeans as well!

Sommer_Jacket_DIY_DEF DIY Tunic from Monoxgram via Making Things Women/ Silk top, vintage/ Jeans by Sandro, see similar here at Zalando

You need:

– One XXL tunic in a soft quality (mine is made of cotton & silk)
– Thread, scissors, needles
– A sewing machine and an iron


Step 1. Cut carefully right in the middle of the tunic’s front side, like on the pic:


Step 2. Prepare the hem: Turn the material wrong side out facing you and fold up the borders (less than one centimeter wide). Place some needles to maintain the work.


Step 3. Stitch along the left & the right side with the sewing machine and make the finishings.


We’re done… Now more than before I love the pattern combined with this new shape that looks a bit nonchalant. With or without accessories like belt and hat, I think it’s the perfect clothing piece for the daily life -also for the city with pumps!


Hat via Globus, similar here // Jeans by Sandro, see similar here at Zalando//
// Pumps from Zara (well, I think I would love to exchange them for these via MyTheresa)

DIY: 2 Pieces From an Overall

DIY: 2 Pieces From an Overall

January sales are the best, as you might know I love this period. The perfect occasion to grab some ‘getting old’ trendy pieces that anyone want at a reasonable price -and to transform them into unique garments. My last find has been this checked overall from Zara, seriously on promotion: If checks are not out of fashion for spring, I was looking forward to experiment something different.

Its straight cut and integrated belt enable the following project, so I first cut it to make high waisted pants and kept the top to create a kind of romantic shirt. More generally, the idea works for any ‘cropped’ top that you’d like to extend, or simply embellish with pleats.


At the end, here is what I get: a shirt that’s perfect to match with patterned tanks and slim jeans. You’ll find more pictures about the look on this post!

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It’s actually simple and it doesn’t cost much.

What you need:



– black chiffon whose length is about x 2 longer than the waist length of your top  ( ideally, from a dress or any stuff that has finished borders, it helps really! )
– thread, scissors, needles,
– at best, a sewing machine. If you don’t have one, you can also hand sew -it only needs more time.
– a ironing board + iron


Step 1. Prepare the borders: cut buttons if necessary and iron at about 3 cm from it.


Then sew all around the waist border and make finishings.


Step 2.  Set up your sewing machine with following positions to create plissé on your chiffon. If you’re used to work at the machine you might won’t need to stitch the material before, but feel free to do it to make your work more secure!


For my part I only fixed the chiffon with needles and iron it -don’t undervalue that step. It’ll give the right position to the chiffon. When you’re ready, stitch the whole length like following:


Step 3. Before making finishings on your chiffon, adjust the length to the top’s borders. With some carefully senses in your hands, you will easily move the fabric to the right length! So make sure that the measurements are correct: the chiffon fabric will now be stitched right ON the borders. Place the needles like following:


Now hand sew discrete stitches; start on the side you prefer and throughout the reverse side to the outside. Keep on like this… We’re done! Make finishings.


I hope you liked it as I do, really love it : ) Have a good day!

Reload it: Louis Féraud Vintage Jacket, Sleeveless

Reload it: Louis Féraud Vintage Jacket, Sleeveless

Almost ‘new’ in my closet: this vintage Louis Féraud jacket, already seen here in 2011!- now in a sleeveless version. As I found it on a flea market in Austria, I immediately liked the bright royal blue color and the cut -even if the size was actually much too big for me. Well, I don’t mind: Now I have huge, fancy golden buttons that would be perfect for a home decor (see at the end of the post) and a great jacket that fits me. I simply readjusted the shoulders size and replaced the genuine button on the front.

How to mix royal blue? For winter I prefer the blue shading off with hints of black.


Sleeveless jackets are for me the best way to warm up your style, even in winter season. You can layer it with other pieces like cardigans or coats, it creates an interesting outfit with great lines.

Oh, and it seems that I didn’t told you about those ‘culotte shorts’. I like to say it’s a hybrid piece: not skirt, nor shorts… Anyways it’s been a great bargain, I get it by Sandro at the very last days of sales -70% off. Nobody seemed to be fascinated with it, I did. Read here in german language on annabelle FD some tips from me about fall winter closet organization.




DIY Louis Féraud vintage jacket, Sandro FW13 culotte shorts, Michael Kors bag, Silvano Sassetti boots.
Leather brown cuff, Maison Boinet.

LFeraud_Sleeveless_Reload_05 Franchement, vous ne leur trouvez pas un petit air de Versace?..

Zurich Fashion Days finally start today, I’ll be attending my favorite brands -and will tell you more about it next time. See you!

DIY/ The Navy Red 2 in 1 Shirt

DIY/ The Navy Red 2 in 1 Shirt

This might be one of my favorite sewing session: How to turn two pieces in one? There’s actually a similar topic here, however I find it’s a very different one. I was looking for an unexpected mix of materials and colors, that would fit for both spring and autumn season. It’s been completely spontaneous, I worked on it on the evenings last month -that’s why I didn’t take pictures of the process. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about it! As the sun were shinning last weekend by a reasonable +18°C, I couldn’t resist to wear it with a great pair of jeans. May I show you?


For this DIY I wanted a two-tones piece and its made from a basic men shirt and a Zara lace top (remember of this post last year!). So I decided to keep the flowered top and the bottom of the navy shirt. I finally replaced the two pocket buttons, and that’s all!





I really can’t wait to show you very cool DIY video projects for winter -stay tuned, and enjoy your day!

DIY top from a vintage shirt and Zara flowered top/ IRO jeans/ Zara pumps