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DIY bag by Virginie Peny: Knitted Clutch made from old tees

Be creative, and enjoy for years. Discover on this creative blog DIY bags and shoes projects for women : clutch, tote and shopping bag, sandals, boots and many more. The french author Virginie Peny presents many style ideas and fashion inspirations. Reinvent your closet and enjoy for years!

Which materials should you use to upcycle and embellish bags and shoes? Find many tutorials using fabric rests, buttons, fake fur, yarns, leather, sequins, feathers… For Spring Summer or Autumn Winter, some ideas are timeless and might be developed by you. Less is more, even in DIY.
It’s not always about sewing. Discover many interesting and stylish projects inspired from designers like Dries Van Noten, Isabel Marant, Stella Mc Cartney… Her most popular item: The knitted clutch made from old tees. Let her inspire – and surprise you.
Follow Virginie Peny’s work and lifestyle on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. She shares DIY videos on a regularly basis.
She has been featured in international magazines like ELLE and Grazia, and currently works for annabelle magazine in Switzerland.


DIY/ Embellished Buttons Clutch

September 20th, 2012

Recently I’ve been looking for a special style of clutch, as usual with patterns or anything else that could literally light up my closet. Never found it! So I get obviously inspired by Geneva from “a pair and a spare” with this beautiful rhinestones work on a Coach bag, but I also noticed that I’ve […]

DIY/ Jersey Knitted Clutch

April 11th, 2012

Currently obsessed with the multicolored oversize knit by Isabel Marant… Meanwhile, I’m still busy with my seasonal closet cleaning. I mean, we all have old basics tee-shirts, and after one or two seasons they will be all thrown out. The more I see the Isabel Marant sweater, the clearer it is: there must be way to […]