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DIY bag by Virginie Peny: Knitted Clutch made from old tees

Be creative, and enjoy for years. Discover on this creative blog DIY bags and shoes projects for women : clutch, tote and shopping bag, sandals, boots and many more. The french author Virginie Peny presents many style ideas and fashion inspirations. Reinvent your closet and enjoy for years!

Which materials should you use to upcycle and embellish bags and shoes? Find many tutorials using fabric rests, buttons, fake fur, yarns, leather, sequins, feathers… For Spring Summer or Autumn Winter, some ideas are timeless and might be developed by you. Less is more, even in DIY.
It’s not always about sewing. Discover many interesting and stylish projects inspired from designers like Dries Van Noten, Isabel Marant, Stella Mc Cartney… Her most popular item: The knitted clutch made from old tees. Let her inspire – and surprise you.
Follow Virginie Peny’s work and lifestyle on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. She shares DIY videos on a regularly basis.
She has been featured in international magazines like ELLE and Grazia, and currently works for annabelle magazine in Switzerland.


Cushion? Clutch?

July 30th, 2010

You may remember my passion for home decoration..? The famous table runner which has become a skirt in April. This time, I’ve found a beautiful cushion cover in one of my favorite home shop. Well, it should have seen normally like that, on my sofa, comfortable set up with a Latte Macchiato and the last Austrian […]

Silk & Roses

June 20th, 2010

I’ve never been so grow tired of those H&M red shoes (do you remember it? I showed them there). In one word: basic. Or boring, it works too. Why did I ever shopped it? Oh yes, because I first enjoyed the color, a luminous Valentino red. Then it remind me the flowers and the gardens […]

Fringes or not?

June 17th, 2010

In Germany as well in Austria we don’t have Bata or André. Unfortunately. We have Deichmann. “Gutes Geschäft”= Great bargain. I say “unfortunately” because you know, they really try to design appealing pairs of shoes. (As it seems to be a little bit complicated for them, they asked this season Cindy Crawford for a help). […]

DIY: Transforming a Tee into a Shopping bag!

May 27th, 2010

Berlin is for me an incredible source of inspiration and tee-shirts quite so much. Finally both have common points: hundreds young designers are working there /on it and they both offer an infinite range of possibilities… That’s perhaps one of the reasons why the West Berlin Gallery is successful as it makes the most of tee-shirts […]