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Be creative, and enjoy for years: DIY clothes projects for women. The french author Virginie Peny presents on her DIY blog many style ideas and fashion inspirations. Reinvent your closet!

Learn more about her concept of slow fashion. Find tips and creative projects for upcycling, recycling, sewing, embellishments on jackets, coats, jeans, dresses as well as accessories and jewelry. It’s not always about sewing. DIY clothes, accessories and shoes, jewelry, for home and for baby and children. Discover many interesting and stylish projects using wool, denim, leather and many other fabrics and materials like beads, sequins and feathers. Simple and easy tutorial ideas for you and your beloved. How to turn slim jeans into flare jeans, what to do from your old tee-shirts… Let her inspire you. Among her style influences, designers Dries Van Noten, Alexander Mc Queen, Carven and some more.
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She has been featured in international magazines like ELLE and Grazia, and currently works for annabelle magazine in Switzerland.


Upcycled Men Jacket into a Blazer

April 22nd, 2010

…a cropped blazer! I would not need much money to fill in my “dream dressing”… Just have time would be enough. This jacket above cost me 2 euros on the vintage market last January. Isn’t it a shameful price? That’s right, but I worked more than 5 hours long to transform it! I wanted a short […]

DIY Skirt: Upcycled Table Runner

April 14th, 2010
Upcycled skirt, YSL tee-shirt and leather bag

Currently I’m completely into khaki (and to hair braids, but that’s another topic!). It’s a kind of addiction that began in the dressing, with a military jacket… then with a silk shirt. Then a bag… But that’s not all. For a few weeks the khaki color came in my flat, with home decorating. Boxes, cushions… […]

DIY Peplum on a Tee-Shirt

April 3rd, 2010

I was in Italy some days ago, I felt really inspired by the atmosphere and the way people are living. I’m not a fan of italian fashion as I basically know it. Just have lot of respect for that, that people are always well dressed. If they know how to match colors in a classic way they […]