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Upcycling and embellishment projects for your home decor using simple ideas: French blogger Virginie Peny sets stylish and conscious accents in decoration. Do more with less, let me inspire you.


Jewels Hanger: Stag Head

May 23rd, 2012

I was looking for a new way to hang some accessories on a unique display as i finally thought about Marguerite! The renamed stag head is the new wall decorating in my living room. There were in the design shop several designs and colors available, i chose a mix of crochet, flowers and fine serigraphy […]

Home Decor, Moving Inspiration

May 10th, 2012

Browsing home decor websites is been my ritual n°1 in the morning over the past weeks. As i told you here, we are preparing our moving to Switzerland and i’m completely excited about the idea that something new is waiting for us. Decorating and DIYing is strongly part of this excitement!. Loft, industrial, white, hood, […]

Chill Box & Flowers

February 20th, 2012

To me one of the worst “no-go” in home decor is collecting every single alcohol bottle from past events/ parties and aligning them along a window edge! The “rehab-alcoholic decor” could be avoided by a simple way, for example with flowers. I still have this Moët & Chandon chill box since Christmas so i thought […]