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Upcycling and embellishment projects for your home decor using simple ideas: French blogger Virginie Peny sets stylish and conscious accents in decoration. Do more with less, let me inspire you.


Chill Box & Flowers

February 20th, 2012

To me one of the worst “no-go” in home decor is collecting every single alcohol bottle from past events/ parties and aligning them along a window edge! The “rehab-alcoholic decor” could be avoided by a simple way, for example with flowers. I still have this Moët & Chandon chill box since Christmas so i thought […]

Sweet Home

December 27th, 2011
Christmas time at home, Virginie Peny

I really hope that everyone of you is enjoying holiday time! And because pictures are better than 1000 words, here are a few snapshots of my week at home! I love to spend long evenings with my parents and brother, watching old movies, and to find old stuffs in my closet that i forgot… New […]

Home Decor of the week

August 25th, 2011

That’s incredible that proximate relationship between fashion and home decor, it’s evolving with time and trends. I could speak hours long about it because there are a lot of new designers and ideas in that category -wish i could have a bit more time to experiment things at home, but i’m preparing a new home […]