Days Off/ Milan

April 29th, 2012

We’ve arrived in Milan yesterday, finally! Italy is always been one of my favorite place to go, i love to spend some days in Milan to feel connexions between fashion and art and explore the dolce vita.

Don’t really had time to think a lot about what i should take away or not, but the mint jeans and DIY crochet top that i did some time ago were to me essentials to wear this first sunny day.

DIY top; details crochet cut from an old jumper & sewed on a tee-shirt.

Mint jeans Zara TRF
Vigneron neon sandals via Humanic
Prada sunglasses
Alexander Wang Diego bag as seen here
Bnk printed scarf
Vintage bangle

Rayban for him, Club Master

Forever 21 acid wash tee
H&M jeans
Zara blazer

French striped espadrilles
Naode suede purple clutch

7 comments on Days Off/ Milan

  1. Loving the outfits, though the second one seems more comfy to be out and about all over Milan 🙂 I love that city too. Well, that country is beautiful.

    xo Joana

  2. Aww i am off to Italy in 3 weeks time too, cant wait! we are stopping off at Milan for 3 days, let me know if theres anywhere you recommend to eat, shop,see? Liza 🙂

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