December Closet : Less is More

December 15th, 2013
Shining fabrics, perfect for December parties

I won’t lie: that kind of stuffs fascinates me. Probably because I spent too much time watching some movies as a young girl –remember this!, therefore I think I have developed a real passion for fabrics generally.

For Christmas and New Year’s Eve those materials are more than ever under the spotlight… But please keep in mind: there can only be ONE Christmas tree, and it shouldn’t be you. So how to have style in december?


This might be the secret of french women: We know that ‘less is more’. At this time of the year I prefer for example classics with hints of fancy materials. Little black dresses, overalls with shining details are always great. If you want to try a shining top or skirt on, keep everything else simple.

You can then graduate accessories according to the shining ‘dose’ you’re wearing. Little black dress with max. 3 jewels. Or one shining clothing piece with small, elegant pair of earrings.


Anyways, if you’re already not sure what you’ll be wearing, the next DIY will give your closet a parisian touch.

See you next time!

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