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April 23rd, 2012

Time for a small break this afternoon.! Well, there’s something i didn’t show you from my thrifting tour this weekend! Yesterday was a raining day so i worked a bit on it.

At first sight these vintage earrings had obviously everything i like: the golden metal, the ethno style… However something was going wrong with them. Can’t explain why. They might have looked too heavy with these long (unfinished) hooden beads.

Suddenly need of colors and clear lines, so i changed the beads pendants with blue/ orange/ black tones,

DIY ethno earrings
H&M blouse
Vintage python bag
Bio beauté skin lotion by Nuxe, perfect for travels/

.. And i reused the hooden beads to make a fine chocker. Still looks a bit ethnic -but chic with Swarovski crystal black beads.

DIY necklace/ chocker
Vintage embroidered top
Purple clutch by Naode Paris
Lola Marc Jacobs


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