DIY Frame to Hang Jewels

July 20th, 2010

How to set up your jewelry in a stylish way, when space in the room is missing

-and specially if you have a crush, like me, on this wallpaper art created by Marie-Laure from Le Monde est à… I like the concept of the drawing irregularities. The result looks somehow spontaneous, I find it really interesting.

In a easier way I tested this alternative: I created a DIY frame to hang jewels, which is a quick and cheap idea for an individual decoration.

Cheap M
Baroque frame via Ikea

Start to apply hints of metallic paint on the frame, particularly in the extern sides. Remove the glass plate. Prepare a thick white paper sheet in the formate of your frame. Grab your paint brushes and draw small, diverse mini frames. It’s about drawing frames in the frame, you get it ; )

Here the result with some of my favorite jewels and hand made pieces: earrings made from mother of pearl elements, fine bracelets and hangers with delicate fabric rests…

I hope you liked the idea, and don’t forget: Old frames with broken glasses might deserve a second life.

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