DIY/ Futuristic Necklace

August 9th, 2012

Currently obsessed with: strange materials & cosmic items.

Not that i have not been upset by the successful exploration program on Mars, but this DIY idea has been in my mind for ages! I found this silver necklace in France last year, but obviously it looks still a bit wild since I’ve never worn it.

Or maybe only less wild since i’ve never worn it. I don’t really know.

Everything you need is: a cosmic necklace (or make a similar one with large round beads), a quarter of tulle (a bit sparkling), thread, needle and scissors.

STEP 1: Wrap a large quarter of tulle around the necklace

STEP 2: Make some stitches and roll the thread back and forth

DIY futuristic necklace, Style Reload by Virginie Peny

STEP 3: Cut the tulle rests and fix the ends on both sides

Futuristic Necklace, DIY! Fall Winter 2012-13 trend, Style Reload by Virginie Peny


I’m looking forward your feedback guys, i personally LOVE it! I only have to find the cosmic occasion to wear it right now… or not!.

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  1. I think it’s a really unique piece that would totally be an awesome statement piece to dress up a basic outfit. I’d definitley love to see you wearing it. It’s so cool.


    The Habit

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