DIY Ikea: From the Closet to the Garden

July 19th, 2015
How to embellish MULIG Ikea clothes rack. Here a simple DIY idea for summer time in the garden

There are some of these out of time items, which function simply need to be optimized. And sometimes this process starts by asking questions; for example, I know I belong to this kind of persons who like the permanent re-consideration of things. For me, this is creativity because what we take for granted seems to be indeed limited by our own perceptions…

So it all began with the MULIG clothes rack by Ikea, that I replaced at the beginning of the year by an antique one for my new home place.
Is there a hack in this rack?


As our needs are evolving, what about letting this Ikea rack evolve too? It’s light weight and form is ideal to transport, so why not using it for a picnic, gardening going out or just at home, to hang out and storage useful stuffs?

The location doesn’t matter: It might make my leisure time with friends easier this summer. Hang on lanterns, picnic bags, bottles, party accessorizes… You can even drop a fabric on it, to bring a bit more intimacy and a peaceful atmosphere.

I simply wrapped the rack with different sorts of colorful ribbons, and added some accessories by the end. Of course you could also paint the rack in the color you wish, then wrap some parts of it. There are no limits, maybe just avoid mixing more than 2 or 3 colors.


So, here is what you need:


– One Ikea MULIG rack,
– Scissors,
– Diverse colored ribbons (about 15 meters),
– Metal Ikea hacks DIGNITET,
– As an option, one artificial single plant like this:


Step 1. First define where you want to wrap the fabric. I choose the top, so I started to fix the ribbon on the edge. For you as a tipp, I advise you to dismantle this part to wrap, it’s easier.
Cut for example 3 meters a both ribbons, join the length together and wrap…


Step 2. When you’re at the end of the ribbons, knot a new length of fabric. Wrap it on to mask it a bit, and pursue.

Optional: If you wish the ‘green touch’, add on one side the base of the artificial plant and keep on wrapping.

You can also use only one color at some point, then going back to a mix and match later! When you’re at the end, just knot to make the finishings.


Step 3. Embellishments: Hang some more single ribbons to hang your accessorizes and stuffs, like bottles, bags, lanterns…


For recycled paper tassels, you can watch one of my last DIY videos here. It’s really a fun thing to add where ever you like.


This is the final result, I hope you liked it! What about you, would you consider using this for another purpose? Really curious about your inputs and feedbacks.


I wish you all a nice weekend, à bientôt.

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