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January 10th, 2013

The best in DIY: don’t take things seriously… Even if you tend to.

Hier geht es auf Annabelle Fashion Daily weiter!

This project has been published on the Annabelle Fashion Daily some days ago, it was actually the “last minute” present I made for my best friend in Paris. I thought about creating a mini outfit inspired of her favorite costume, but I’m quite sure it is actually the perfect match for anyone of us: skinny jeans, white blouse and leather jacket & clutch.

For inspiration, you can use some fashion pages from magazines…

What you need:

-paper sheets & pen, tailor chalk,

-leather, cotton and polyester cuts,

-needles and thread, scissors,

-1 lobster silver key clasp, chain, 3 to 4 jump rings in 6 mm,

-fine ribbon and beads.

Here are the shapes that I’ve usued: you just need to adjust the size, print and cut!

My advice before starting: you can sew the leather and other dick material on paper sheets to avoid stitching pluggings by using the machine. It works well! Make sure to use pure materials, like 100% cotton and leather.

1. The jacket: press the paper shape on the back side of the leather and draw the lines with tailor chalk.

Cut the jacket and 2 sleeves:

Stitch the sleeves as on the pic:

and sew them inside the jacket shoulders:

Then sew the top of the shoulders,

as well as the front side:

2. The blouse: cut a quarter, sew this way on its reverse side:

Reverse, hand sew the bottom with small stitches and add some beads. Sew the blouse inside the jacket.

3. The clutch: cut the last part on leather.

Hand sew both sides with colored thread.

Fill inside the clutch with cotton rests, and close the bag with one bead.

4. The jeans: sew the jeans shape on 2 polyester blue layers like this-

Finish with jeans details: pockets, belt…

Place jump rings on every item thanks to a large needle:

Add red ribbon, a charm… and here you go! I would rather wear it on accessories like on bags, not necessarily as key holder. However, you can also hand the item on a brooch, why not?

I hope you’ve enjoyed it, have a great day!

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  1. It’s mine !!! 🙂 thanks for the gift! I love it !!!!! Always on my bag, with me all the day for the better or worse ! I miss u already my Vivi !

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