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November 28th, 2012

Hi there! Hard to believe that it is already the end of November… This is the last rush to Christmas and curiously, jewels pieces are gaining more and more interest to me. So this week I have found an easy DIY idea for Annabelle to transform a simple fine ring onto statement piece.

Chains are very versatile, for this reason one of my favorite material in the jewel category. I find the result just stupefying! Before/ after…

Hier geht es los, um den Post auf Annabelle Fashion Daily weiterzulesen…

DIY rings*. Zara pants. H&M shirt
New leather bag with my initials gifted by Zalando

Here is what you need:

First hang an eye pin gun metal on the chain link and pass it through the ring’s side.

Then cut the length about 5 mm from its extremity and curve the pin gun metal to hang one of the next chain link.

like here:

Turn the whole chain on itself on one side,

Hang another chain link with the pin gun metal after you have passed it through the ring -not like me… too difficult!

Cut the extremity about 5 mm from its end, curve the pin metal around the chain link.

and repeat these steps to the end.

Place the chain links by hand:

To make the whole ring more stabile hang several jump rings on each part.

Feel free to add two or three crystal elements and beads with plate head pins;

And that’s all actually!

Bonus: if you have flat rings you can also stick elements with strong glue on it, like here…

Finally wear all of your rings on one hand…

I hope you enjoyed it, have a great day!

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  1. That turned out awesome! I love that your projects are able to be recreated by people even like me who aren’t the best when it comes to DIY. 🙂


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