DIY/ Silk Patterned Pocket

August 13th, 2012

This small silk cut is from my last trip in Berlin and was desperately hanging on my mini inspiration boards as I realized that it would perfectly fit with a small DIY embellishment. I stumbled last week on this post by Alexandra (Lovely Peppa) and fall in love in her tee-shirt with its loose pocket. How effortless & cool is that!

Small details, big effects? -that’s what i wanted to experiment.

There are obviously some pieces that you wear only for casual moments, a weekend at home, and so on.

An example: this fine oversized tee-shirt. This is typically the way I’m used to wear it. Perfect to go to the supermarket on saturday morning.

H&M tee-shirt & jeans,
Vintage leather bag –from here
Sonia Rykiel bag hanger
Giesswein wedges
vintage and hand-made bracelets

The loose pocket, DIY: you need a small quarter of silk and/ or patterned material, scissors and needles. First cut a sample pocket scheme in a tick paper, with the following measurements:

Add one more generous centimeter around the paper sample, cut the material. Hand sew the top of the pocket;

Wear the tee and define the position of the pocket. Pin the material, do an inside hem and sew a perfect quarter (make sure that the upper part length is the same that on the bottom to make a loose movement)


Now the patterned pocket seems to be a great connection with the military jacket and the tee, that I would have never match that way before. But i don’t like the jeans with this combo.




Military cut sleeves from Active Wear
DIY embellished tee
New Zara pleated shorts
Alexander Wang Diego bag
Acne boots available in black here

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  1. That turned out so cool. I love the colors of the piece of silk you chose to use for the pocket. I bet you’re going to wear this top a ton. It’s so pretty! Nice job babe! 🙂


    The Habit

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