DIY Necklace, Silver and Chains

October 6th, 2014

Good morning everyone! I hope you enjoyed the nice weather this weekend, that’s obviously what I did too — so today I’d like to share with you the last project about this DIY necklace for the annabelle blog.

As I noticed last time, grey is everywhere this season. It’s really fascinating since the matching possibilities are never ending. I was missing it so far in jewelry, that’s indeed what I thought when I found in my ‘recycling box’ a glass necklace hanging on a fine leather lace. I like the mix of silver and bronze colors, but it could look more exquisite, simply with different chains.

Before and after: Read more about the DIY necklace in silver. Discover many more DIY ideas for clothing, accessories and jewelry on the blog.

Read more in german if you wish about this DIY item for the annabelle Fashion Daily blog, you’ll find there the whole tutorial.

How do you like the idea?

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