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DIY/ Veiled Cap

“Better than an eyeliner”, “This year’s street, easy and rock accessory”. These are the words of Lauren Bastide & everything i kept in mind from the controversy topic about veiled hats in the french Elle Magazine.

The veiled cap, that’s today DIY! I’m completely mad of it, i’d wear it anytime, any day…
Happy monday everyone!

You’ll need:

– a sporty black cap, this one at H&M

– a tick veiled material 15 cm x 30 cm

-needles, scissors, thread.

Make some pleats inside of the cap, maintain them with needles. Sew.

Cut the front in a light round shape. Done!

Comments on this post:

  1. Oh wow babe, this turned out too cool! It’s so incredibly chic and it looks absolutely lovely on you! I’m always inspired by your creativity! :)


    by Theresa, 29. May 2012
  2. What a great DIY! Love the veiled cap! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment! xxx

    by Aurélie & Angelo, 29. May 2012
  3. great diy!!



    by lucia, 29. May 2012
  4. OMG we are having a same DIY project! but we both interpreted in a different way, you’ll see!!! mine is almost finished! so what can i say, i love it

    by absolutely mrs k, 29. May 2012
  5. the hat looks amazing! x

    by Lori, 29. May 2012
  6. Lovely photo and veiled hat!! You look so pretty! What lipstick color is that?

    by Sabrina, 30. May 2012
  7. this is an awsome idea meine liebe. du siehst wunderbar aus. wie geht es dir. was machst du jetzt? bisou

    by Nahna, 30. May 2012
  8. This is genius!! I have to try it out.
    p.s. you look beautiful.

    by Eva, 30. May 2012
  9. @Sabrina: orange-red! actually a mix of both : )

    by virginie, 30. May 2012
  10. wah tu es magnifique! Je ne sais pas si j’oserai la voilette, mais ça me parait tellement évident dans un sens ça ne me dérange vraiment pas! Ca c’est de l’accesoire bien spécial comme j’aime!

    by Isabelle, 30. May 2012
  11. wowwwww mon dieu elle casse tout ta casquette!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    by marie laure, 30. May 2012
  12. @Marie Laure: merci <3! 3, c’est aussi le nb de min que ça prend de coudre la voilette!..

    by virginie, 30. May 2012
  13. FABOLOUS! :)

    – Victoria

    by Victoria, 30. May 2012
  14. Turned out great!

    xo Jennifer

    by Jennifer, 30. May 2012
  15. This is so goooood! Wow! Makes me want to go veil all my hats :) good job, babe!

    to answer your your question – yes, I used a white t shirt. :) You can see the tutorial of how to make the shirt here –

    by Karina, 30. May 2012
  16. […] Le dailyELLE voue une sorte de culte à la voilette Jil Sander, comme vous le savez, vous inépuisables lecteurs. C’est un trait d’eye-liner qui se fixerait par le crâne – si, si, cette image est bonne, réfléchissez-y. C’est un voile de mystère qui s’abattrait soudain sur votre regard – la voilette rend évidemment lyrique. Ce que vous ignorez certainement, c’est que cette voilette est à votre portée, enfin à condition d’avoir une demie-notion de couture. Voilà comment ici. […]

  17. […] Peny‘s DIY Veiled Cap is an excellent take on the omnipresent Jil Sander DIY Net Veil Beanie that’s been making […]

  18. This is totally awesome!

    by Charlie, 2. June 2012

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