Fall Closet Organization

August 29th, 2012

Is there a better feeling than making new with old? Well, not for me. This is not only the reason why I take so much pleasure of writing this blog, that’s also my daily motto: useful shopping, less squandering and creative alternatives through DIY. After some summer days rest, I am now back here and I already can tell you that what is coming during following weeks is going to be a-ma-zing!

Anyways, did you guys already noticed that some pieces are gaining much more interest if you move them in your closet, hanging new combo ideas and creating new color palettes? I have always been a big fan of Ebay; in the past I used to sell every season some items that I didn’t feel like to wear anymore. But I later noticed that I often have regretted the stuffs, so I decided to experience the seasonal storage… And when I tried to assort them according the colors I feel like to wear and mixed them with only few key seasonal pieces, it seems that it has really worth it!

From the right to the left: Dsquared leather jacket (2010), DIY cropped blazer (2010), vintage black jumpsuit, long sleeves vintage hoodie, Sandro embroidered top (2011), new Zara Trf embroidered top, vintage mustard blouse, new Zara peplum top, Cos red top (2010), Promod scarf (2009)

 New in: Zara Trf embroidered chiffon top &amp. Love the delicate material and embroidered details! Dsquared leather jacket with lace-up in the back

DIY cropped blazer, vintage mustard satin shirt, vintage satin jumpsuit

New Mango leather skirt: I have been searching a while for an other skirt shape, finally found a sport & chic one. Perfect. Promod patterned silk scarf, vintage hoodie…

I have been waiting a long time for the perfect peplum piece… and here it is, from Zara.

Black, white, red, brick-red, brown. Tweed, satin, silk, leather. Fall is coming, how great is that! What about you, which colors and materials are you going to wear?

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  1. I love that peplum, some day will be in my closet to. 🙂
    I never organize my closet for seasons because I have a big closet and less clothes.:(
    I’m more a shoes girl, hehehehe.

    Sofia Carvalho

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