French Style: How to Develop

April 28th, 2016

Recently I remembered that book, ‘How to Be a Parisian’, opened once and stored for months in my bookcase. It seemed fun actually, but somehow I didn’t get into it. Being Parisian sounds very elitist. It excludes by definition many people. At the end, women just want to know what makes French style different.

And because I regularly hear a ‘Ahh, I knew it!’, right after people know I come from France — it makes me think that it’s sometimes hard to avoid generalities. So feel free to grade these inputs for yourself!


The very first thing to me is the question of ‘perfection’. Before we start to brainstorm ‘what does really perfection mean’ and other stories — just ban this word from your vocabulary.

It will help to develop french style in an authentic way. Also called ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’.

Next on the list, the essentials. Find your signature perfume, lipstick, and wear it as long as you can.

In your wardrobe, keep it simple. One good pair of raw blue jeans, one good pullover — with stripes, for example. Typical French, you mean? Of course it is. The striped pullover has been created in 1938 in the north-west region of Bretagne by the label Armor-Lux. This basic fits to everything, and it adds some more value to one outfit.


The same for accessories and watches. I think the key is simplicity. Timeless styles that are easy to match. The older, the better. Really like this watch by Skagen, with the fine leather strap without stitches, and its rosé case borders. Pretty sure that time will give it more value.


The jewelry items are kind of delicate, like here with the small beads in marmor effect. Nice just like it is, or combined with many others bracelets.

Develop-Authentic-French-Style-Essentials-Fossil-Braccelet Fossil bracelet


By the way, bangs might have some responsibility in that French thing. Undo your hair, don’t use too many care products — avoid chemical color and dye. Natural is best!

Last but not least, the bag. Wearing huge tote bags will always be an invite for carrying more with you. We all might have the vision of the French (Parisian) woman walking down the streets in high heels, with a small and chic bag. A real cliché, to me. We for sure wish a nice looking item, but it has to be practical too. Seems to be THE key for a good day!


As long as the Moleskine comes in, it’s all fine. The minimalist Sydney crossbody bag by Fossil has two pockets, and is available in different colors. Choose the right one, and wear it for years!


In collaboration with Fossil.

I hope you enjoyed the post. What does for you guys make an authentic French style, do you have anymore inputs?

Have a good day, take care.

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