Outfit/ Golden Crafts

April 25th, 2012

More a lifting operation that a real DIY, these sandals are from 2010 -suddenly thought about it this morning: should i wear these ones or the very new ones? Well, let’s wait a bit for neon sandals.

I only wear brown color on accessories so the mix with hints of black, red and gold remind me of some african wax materials… obviously without ornaments! Spiced accents are back in my closet.

Wearing a bi-material Sandro top, also seen here
Stefanel jeans
Mango golden bangle
vintage and hand-made bracelets.
DIY sandals from Deichmann
Nail polish by Douglas.

7 comments on Outfit/ Golden Crafts

  1. I want to make an outfit with a BOYFRIEND Jean, and reading your post was an Inspiration. If I managed to publish the post I will let you know!!!
    Love your style, saw many previous posts and want to follow you. Great Style and Wardrobe!!!!
    Kisses from Greece!

  2. Rad look 😉 Very comfy and chic! Thanks also for your comment. I am now following your lovely blog on Bloglovin and Facebook! …Looking forward to your future posts.


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