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August 25th, 2016

Going to the local food market at least once a week was one of my new yearly resolutions. It has, since May, finally become a true habit of mine. It doesn’t take more time than dropping by the supermarket — on the contrary! And I like to have the feeling of seeing my money well spent. But I know it’s not always easy to introduce a new tradition in the daily routine, especially for all of you who just can’t make it to the food market during the week — my own work itinerary recently changed — so this is where Yardo Bio becomes interesting.


Yardo Bio is a new online shop for organic food, but also for home and beauty products. All items are natural, sometimes even vegan. My need to find a one-time alternative to Züri’s market drove me to the section ‘vegetables’. That’s where you’ll find the ‘Schweizer Box Klein‘ (Swiss small box) — it’s indeed the one I ordered.

Like a rainbow in the dark, I quickly discovered it was full of fruits and vegetables: one salad, tomatoes, aubergines, zucchinis, broccolis, cucumber, apples, plums… A colorful and various selection, I like it. In the box as well: the OLIV magazine, about green lifestyle. It’s well written and gives many insights around local and slow living.


Meant for one person, the ‘Schweizer Box Klein’ easily satisfies the weekly need of two to three people. A great reason to organize a spontaneous dinner at home and share your fresh products with your friends! It felt good to be given the option of eating fresh without having to hit the market.

The box is sent on the same week it’s ordered. On Thursday morning, the fresh box was delivered in front of my door. In case you’re not home during their usual delivery hours, I advise you ask — if possible — for a delivery at your work place so that the box can be opened quickly.

Even if I’ve never aimed at publishing cooking ideas and inspirations, let me share with you this suggestion. Here my current favorite food combination:

Fresh cooking idea for summer time: Broccoli, dates and red lentils
Broccoli + coco oil + red lentils + fresh dates + hint of Parmesan cheese. It always ends up as a full and tasty meal!

Whatever you current needs are, trying Yardo bio, at least once, is worth it. Do you have any experience with it, and do you have any favorite fresh food recipes?

Wishing you a good day.

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