Half Tee, Half Knit: DIY Pullover with We Are Knitters

September 15th, 2015
Half tee, half pullover: Knitting DIY project with We Are Knitters by Virginie Peny

If you are a knit lover, then this post is for you! It begins with an interesting dilemma indeed. Whether we like more pullovers for their comfy feeling or rather for style: did you actually noticed how unpractical chunky garments in winter are? Under coats, pullovers are too hot and tees just too thin. A constant coming in and outside doesn’t help this equation, for sure.

That’s how this project of a DIY pullover came to me. Half tee shirt, half pullover.

Half tee, half pullover: Knitting DIY project with We Are Knitters by Virginie Peny

Really like to wear off white during fall winter, that’s why I wanted to experience this DIY in this color. Of course all possible colors fit, anyways I would rather go for a unicolor item instead of mixing tones. Have to mention that the most difficult part is to find a top in the same color than the wool!

Once you have the right jersey top, means one dick tee shirt, all you need is great wool. I got to know the french brand We Are Knitters some months ago, really like their qualities and colors. Make a try, and if you want to win a DIY kit, go now let a comment on the article here on annabelle’s blog.


Choose right! About the quantity: One ball might be enough for a collar and two sleeves ends.


I did a small video for beginners that shows the first steps. Wish you a nice start!


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