Inspiration: Flowers & co.

April 2nd, 2012

This morning Bryan Boy tweeted: “I’m bored of florals already. Half my spring wardrobe are florals and I’m sick of it now. Boo.” Somehow i can’t stop smiling when thinking about this!

I think the weather plays a huge role in this story, blogs from southern countries might get bored quickly than the others with that kind of summer stuffs… i mean wearing flower prints in february while there was more than 1 m snow outside was just not possible here in Austria!

For now i’m enjoying everything that is white, pink -with or without flowers. Polka dots and lace details are fine as well!

New in: Zara pink pants & Forever 21 polka dots top bought in Vienna last week

Zara flower pants/ vintage white shirt

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  1. haha yes you see them all over the place, especially the zara pieces are extremely popular! love it when a trend becomes big because of blogs! you are so right, they make us smile and that is why we like them! no florals in my closet so far, but Bryan Boy has better sponsors than i have i guess ;;;))

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