What I Liked this Month – July 16

July 28th, 2016
Flamingos, fringes, jelly shoes and some more: Here is what i liked this month

Summer, finally! Being absent on the blog for so many weeks was quite unexpected – sorry for that.
Life was intense, and yes, thrilling. It’s not about concealing the violence throughout the world, I think focusing on the good just brings more. So this new section ‘What I Liked this Month’ is the perfect occasion to share some positive things, discoveries and new products.

Flamingos, fringes, jelly shoes and some more: Here is what i liked this month

From the left to the right/

1. Last week I moved in my freshly renovated apartment. Feeling so grateful and happy to live here. I’m setting up the space with wall art by Swiss artist Alexis Saile and items from local shops and flea markets.
2. Inspired by flamingos, like this aquarelle found on Pinterest (source unknown).
3. Fringes and braids on a flamingo top, this is my last do-it-yourself project for Annabelle magazine. See the tutorial for the DIY festival tee on the website (and as usual in German language).
4. No need to travel far away. When the sun shines, Swiss lakes are best to me.
5. Jelly shoes are the new espadrilles. In June I already wore them a lot due to the rain, but I have to say they’re perfect for all kind of weather. But not to any clothing though.! My favorite outfit currently? Combined to these custom-made pants.
6. The new ‘Supreme Lash Volume Colorist’ by Manhattan is a kind of eye architect. Easy to use, it gives volume and shape to the lashes. Completely addicted to it!

I hope you liked it, à très bientôt.

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