Neoprene Days by Sanne Jansen

December 30th, 2016
Sweat à Volants en Néoprène by Sanne Jansen, jean Sandro et boots MM6 sur le blog Virginie Peny

‘2016 throwback: What are you actually thankful for?’. Before starting the new year, I did my personal check up — see it here on Instagram. There are many things actually, 2016 wasn’t that bad to me.

Thankful to live in this part of the globe, to live my dream on a daily basis (more about it in January)… To have met many interesting people, and also to have banned fast fashion from my closet. I did a last purchase at the Blickfang Zürich in November, and so get into the world of a Dutch fashion designer: by Sanne Jansen.

Neoprene Ruffle Sweater by Sanne Jansen, Sandro Jeans and MM6 boots on the blog Virginie Peny Neoprene ruffles sweater by Sanne Jansen / Sandro jeans (old) / MM6 boots

Sanne’s collections are limited to one new outfit per month, which embraces the concept of slow fashion very well. Her statement is that our taste ‘doesn’t drastically change every season, so why should your wardrobe?’ I like the way she works with shapes and materials — had a crush for this neoprene ruffles sweater in navy blue.

So for sure it is a small investment, but once again, it’s a point of view. Did you actually noticed that the persons meaning they can’t afford this and that are actually the ones who buy many cheap stuffs they actually don’t really need?

Neoprene Ruffle Sweater by Sanne Jansen on the blog Virginie Peny

Let’s hope 2017 will change some perspectives for most of us.

Wish you already a good start into the new year. 2017 is going to be amazing, I just know it.

Neoprene Ruffle Sweater by Sanne Jansen on the blog Virginie Peny

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