New In/ Week 10

March 9th, 2012

Oh my, what happened to Mango this season? I’m not talking about this, just about the current collection for spring/ summer… For the first time i’m loving a lot of stuffs here: tie&dye dress & pants, lazy sweaters, the hints of color (red, yellow, pink, light blue…) It’s much more than just the accessories!

God bless the new designer team, i’ve been waiting for that since long time. And the prices are not so high that before!

Here a few snap shots of the newcomers in my closet this week:

Huge crush for this top, available here at the Mango online shop

The perfect sweater ever with a mix of threads. Pure white! (not found at the online shop).
+Did you already take a look at Mango’s blog? You should!


The new “Dragon” Chanel nail polish, a gift of my best friend : ) Thank you dear!


I’ve become a large leather skin, i really have to work on it. I’d love to make a two-tone bag, the material is stunning!


Marni at H&M: the chunky earrings. I find the other styles “ok” but my problem is that everything remind me this material. -please don’t laugh! Anyways, i love these a lot and they’re less heavy than previously thought.

So this opens the door to the next DIY project (it’s been a long time!): a Marni inspired necklace.
Rendez-vous on Sunday!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. je me suis interdite de magasins parce que ça a juste l’air gĂ©nial cette saison…
    un collier plastron? Moi la collection Marni m’a donnĂ© envie de faire des col claudine! je suis en plein dedans! J’ai hate de voir ce que tu vas faire de cette incroyable peau…
    Bon week-end!

    • @Xaru: j’ai hĂąte de commencer le sac, mais d’abord je dois trouver une aiguille spĂ©ciale pour le cuir.. Bon courage pour ton col, montre-nous le rĂ©sultat! Bon weekend Ă  toi aussi!

  2. Hello Virginie!
    Moi qui aimait tellement Mango, il fut un temps, j’ai dĂ©laissĂ© un peu ce label qui finissait pas m’ennuyer alors que les prix continuaient Ă  s”envoler! (va comprendre!)
    Mais ton post me donne envie d’aller y faire un tour Ă  nouveau, certainement cette semaine;)


    P.S/ Merci pour le gentil comment que tu as laissĂ© sur mon blog 🙂

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