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There are some types of clothes that you never know how to wear. An example? The quilted jacket. I remember last year i wore it with a normal blazer, but that was not really fun. A pity, because i find that kind of jacket very interesting although not easy to pair with. Its “bomber” shape is not an advantage for the figure, and its style looks rather sportive.

This time i’ve found the perfect blazer to pair with; a light ruffle collar blazer. Curiously the jeans combo works as well. I’m feeling much more better in this outfit type at the same time that my hair is growing. It’s quite new for me…

Quilted jacket, from Etam

H&M structured blazer

Stefanel jeans and tee-shirt

Booties from Jonak

Necklace made of broken jewels rests, improv by me.

Comments on this post:

  1. I love this outfit hun!

    by ANNAWII ♥, 29. February 2012
  2. Love that structured blazer, great H&M find! You look really lovely.


    by Erin, 29. February 2012
  3. ces boots je les adore!

    by Thecityofclothes, 29. February 2012
  4. Nice outfit!

    by Hanna, 1. March 2012
  5. love the jeans babes and the puffy vest!! x

    by Bianca, 1. March 2012
  6. Oh my….This jacket is incredible!

    by Evangelie, 1. March 2012
  7. Cambridge bag giveaway on

    by Patricia Iacob, 1. March 2012
  8. Han le jean boyfriend, c’est vraiment un pièce que je trouve super classe! Et avec la veste doudoune et la chemise blanche, le mélange des styles est juste super délicat!

    by Isabelle, 7. March 2012

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