Nostalgic Thoughts

December 20th, 2011

Today I’ve been browsing the pictures from our trip to New York in June and i’m feeling a bit nostalgic. It was holiday time, it was sunny, and -AND- i had long hair!
You have to imagine, i’m currently living the opposite: still waiting for Xmas holiday, ok it could be worser- but it’s been snowing 1 cm high/ minute, AND i’m cold cause i have short hair now. It’s true that it’s been extremely different.

Hair stories are always complicated, i stumbled upon Andy ‘s post and it made me think about it one more time. One day you feel like having something, the day after you’ve changed your mind. I have tried almost everything: bang, short, middle, long hair, red/ dark color…

Not to forget that only a new cut might change your style -remember my manifest here.

We are all the same, we love to take risks by hair cuts and we’re searching new ways to complicate our lives.

I’ve been really missing something now, although the fact that i’ve been really happy with my” immaculate” style. But after 6 months short hair and 7 visits to the hairdresser, i think i’m gonna enjoy every growing step from right now. : )

Hope you’re having a nice week, can’t wait to wear my sparkling dress at the end of the week…

6 comments on Nostalgic Thoughts

  1. Je suis pareil, j’ai la nostalgie de trainer à moitié à poil tellement il faisait chaud. Enfin en vérité ce n’est pas tout à fait vrai vu que je me suis trainé pendant 3mois à Berlin avec le même t-shirt H&M rayé orange et rose que toi 😉

  2. Très jolie dans les deux cas! Moi je suis une adepte des bonnets, pour éviter
    le froid dans la nuque et les oreilles!
    L’avantage du cheveux c’est que tu peux changer , mais pour laisser pousser,
    quelle patience!
    Bonne semaine à toi !

  3. I definitely love your shorter hair, but I can see how having short hair is a lot of upkeep and maintenance. I’ve been thinking of changing my hair style for a while now.

    Happy holidays! 🙂

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