Once Upon A Time

December 27th, 2012

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Sorry for the lack of posts, but time is always going fast with family, right?.

I’ve been often asked where I catch inspiration, what are my fashion influences…

It actually all began on a Christmas day,  I was a little girl, obsessed with the french film “Donkey Skin” with its magical costumes and dresses, fabrics and details.

And this is what I get from my Grand’Ma that day: a hand-made dolls closet with more than 20 stunning apparel, all made by her, from clothes to accessories. This was absolutely MAD.

Metallic, checks and velvet fabrics, lace, gold and silver ribbons, sequins, beads. This was Grand Gala time for my dolls, but from this moment, I always kept those references, now more on details…

I will never forget this day, and I thought this is the opportunity to thank her for those great memories ♥… that still have a huge effect today on my work and my personality. Of course I hope to give the whole to my daughter one day. Or to my little Bryan boy… Who knows?

Next DIY this week, also very inspired from this -seid gespannt! ‘Til there, enjoy your week!

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