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One day at Home (with Elle)

Last weekend i made a new cushion from an old stuff; i think a should do a entire range of cushions like that. I love it, it’s the new hotspot of my living room.

Do you know where does it come from?

From a shirt!

That’s really a perfect shape cause the buttons on the front substitute the zip, you can remove it easily that way.

And of course i love the design made of pearls, beads and sequins…

Stefanel knit and leather dress, Paco Gil shoes. Rings: Dior & flea market, Calvin Klein. Nail polish: Rimmel.

Fur blanket, Home Interior. 

Oh, i also have to tell something to you about my “Elle feature”. I’ve been really pleased when a journalist for Elle France contacted me during summer for an article about DIY with some other girls.

I did a DIY project for the magazine and was eagerly awaiting the day it would be out.

Yet it’s been out, but there’s no trace of my blog and the DIY project i realized...

Here are a few sentences i wrote for the “interview”:

And here is the DIY i made. Should i add that i’m feeling realllyyy disappointed? Can’t believe it!.

So congrats to Jenni, Erica, Erica & Lauren for their real feature in the french magazine!

nb. I know Lauren, it was not your fault : )

Comments on this post:

  1. you really are talented, love the cushion. big fan of your shoes

    by absolutely mrs k, 1. November 2011
  2. voilà le fameux article paru dans “Elle”” où sont les photos???
    Décue, je le pense!!!mais c’est mieux que rien!!! courage belle enfant!!! chaussures superbes!!!bizzzz

    by monnet, 1. November 2011
  3. ach, schön von dir zu hören :) und das kissen ist ja toll geworden. und du sihst entzückend aus wie immer. die kürzen haare stehen dir einfach verdammt gut <3

    by Nahna, 1. November 2011
  4. Love your sweater!!

    by L. Jensen - Fashion Designer, 1. November 2011
  5. @ Monnet: Merci Mamy ; ) Mais dis, tu lis la page en anglais toi?
    Gros bisous!

    by virginie, 1. November 2011
  6. That’s so disappointing! It’s never certain things will be published in magazines. At least your name is mentioned! That is pretty great!

    by Sabrina, 1. November 2011

    by Nelle, 2. November 2011
  8. @ Sabrina: At least, yes.. But the plan was: 4 girls, 4 DIY, there’s been a reduction of pages that’s why mine has not been published.!

    by virginie, 2. November 2011
  9. Bravo pour le coussin, et l’article, c’est la classe !!!

    by christel, 2. November 2011
  10. réponse de Mamy!!! je fais la traduction automatique!!! par contre pour le mail, je veux bien une traduction éventuelle, car là je n’y arrive pas!!!!!bizzzzz

    by monnet, 2. November 2011
  11. C’est dommage … mais franchement, avoir son nom cité dans “ELLE”, c’est vraiment la classe. Il y a vraiment de quoi être fier.
    Ton coussin est très réussi, très sympa.

    by magisahel, 3. November 2011
  12. this pillow turned out perfectly! congrats on your elle feature!

    by Monique, 3. November 2011
  13. C’est dommage … mais franchement, avoir son nom cité dans “ELLE”, c’est
    vraiment la classe. Il y a vraiment de quoi être fier.
    Ton coussin est très réussi, très sympa.

    by Magi, 4. November 2011
  14. You will have to post your full tutorial here then!!

    by Sabrina, 9. November 2011
  15. Oh my gosh, your shoes are to die for! The leather patches on your sweater also add a lot of interest… what a cool piece.
    Great idea for the pillow by the way. Your creativity is impressive!

    by Kate Lasater, 10. November 2011

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